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Below is some of the feedback we have received about our website and dogs.

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Like the website by the way, very informative, love the flyball picture!
You live in a great part of the world (I would love an excuse to come and walk in the Black Mountains again!) and have a house full of marvelous dogs, looks fantastic fun.

Alastair Kemp

I visited your site and loved your dogs!:) They are so beautiful.
I'm a 15 years old girl from Finland and have a sim game kennel.
It's an imaginary kennel that only exists in the internet.
I was wondering if I could have the permission to use some of your dog photos in my kennel?

Lisa H

I love your website! It's just fantastic, exactly what a curious dog person is looking for.

Alison Yardley

WELL DONE!! Itís really good - very informative

Phyllis Titterton