History of the Rambaud Berger Breeding Line

Rambaud Berger des Pyrénées started in 1993 with the advent of Gini, Carabrae Brioche whom Brenda Judson asked me to take on breeding terms with a view to seeing how the breed fared as a sheepdog. From that moment, my love affair with the breed commenced.

Gini combined all that this breed has to offer. She was brave, fast, intelligent and devoted to us, her family and proved to be an excellent sheepdog! In 1995 she was joined by Tuali, Carabrae Emma, then a year old and from Brenda’s other line of breeding, a bigger, rangier bitch than Gini, who was smaller and more compact – often fatter!

My first litter of Pyrenean Sheepdogs was born in January 1996 as a Carabrae litter to fulfil the breeding terms for Gini. The next litter in 1997 was the first Rambaud litter and from these, we kept Rambaud’s Allevard, Ally. Ally has followed her mother in becoming our sheepdog and has inherited her mother’s ability for this work.

I then felt that I should add to the gene pool within the UK and with the help and advice of Alain Pécoult, the President of the French breed club, I imported Orriule de Loubajac from his breeder Cathérine de Néckère in 1999. The following year he was joined by a grey bitch Pipilette de Loubajac. Another fawn male Coup de Vent Dandy came in at the very end of the year from Lotta Svensson, the President of the Swedish Berger des Pyrenees Club.

Rambaud Berger then started to be exported in their turn with three bitches going to Sweden for breeding and trials work. We were also delighted to export Rambaud’s Monsieur Emile, Rambaud’s Ouste and Rambaud’s Ortie to be the first three Pyrenean Sheepdogs in Ireland as a family pet and for agility and working trials.

In 2005 we imported another fawn male from Patrick Housseau’s de la Borde d’Ouzoum kennels whom it is hoped will produce a slightly smaller dog for the Midi agility enthusiasts.

Most recently, in 2007, I was delighted to be able to purchase a bitch from Monsieur Amare's Castlemouly kennel having admired his dogs for the past twelve years. She is currently in France awaiting pet passport timing to allow her into the country, she will be joining us in March 2008.

We remain committed to a programme of introducing additional blood lines to ensure the continuation of the healthy status of the breed in the UK and of Rambaud breeding specifically.

In October 2008, we celebrated 15 years of owning Pyrenean Sheepdogs. We have now been breeding these wonderful dogs for 13 years and have had 22 litters under the Rambaud affix producing 65 puppies in total.

Soye’s litter gave us the additional celebration of 5 generations of Rambaud Berger altogether.