Pyrenean Sheepdogs were bred to work with sheep in the mountains and their intelligence, stamina and agility has gained them popularity and importance in many different disciplines. Their first role outside the Pyrenees was to be as courier dogs during the two world wars. Their sense of smell was very important in their use between the trenches and the Swiss Search and Rescue team still uses them today.
As the dogs became better known, their versatility became apparent as they fulfilled different roles.

They are family pets and if they are reared with children will become great friends. They should be trained for this role in life, you cannot guarantee that because they are good with your own family they will be good with others. If taken out and familiarised at an early age and taken to local training classes, the rewards will pay for all your hard work.

Rambauds Louis Emile - Cato won his dog training class competition

Rambauds Allspice - Alfie was the very first Pyrenean Sheepdog to gain his Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen Dog Award.

Rambauds Javelot – Théo started out in obedience classes and has now joined a very successful line dancing team demonstrating at many shows around his Somerset home.

Theo established a first for Rambaud Berger breeding and Pyrenean Sheepdogs in the UK when he was the first Pyrenean
Sheepdog to win Novice Obedience at Goonhaven Open Show in April 2008.

They are rapidly gaining popularity as an agility dog and the Rambaud kennel name is featuring highly in this activity.

The first dog was Rambauds Chamarré (Coco).

Rambauds Noisette (Quincy) competes with great success in the Small Dog Agility Section.

Rambauds Jaune Hareng Fumé (Kipper) demonstrates that the Pyrenean Sheepdog is truly the original versatility dog.
He started with Obedience, went on to the Show Ring and having won there, he also competes in agility and fly ball!

Rambauds Madame Mystique – Meg was the first UK bred Pyrenean Sheepdog to be taken to the National Show for Pyrenean Dogs –
‘Réunion de Amateurs des Chiens Pyrénéens Exposition Nationale d’Elevage’.
We were delighted that she gained an excellent inIntermediate Female class at the Nationale d'Elevage 2005.
She achieved an A in the Test de Comportement and passed the CSAU test with a Tres Bien.

Rambauds Folie Bergere (Biba) has starred in a pop video as well as being pictured in national magazines such as Elle.

Dandy demonstrates that their sense of balance and trust in their masters enables them to perform many tricks.

And we must not forget their original purpose as a sheepdog.
This role is continued in the UK by Alli, Rambauds Allevard who works with our small flock in the Welsh hills.