Pictures and News of Your Rambaud Dogs

We are always delighted to hear news of your dogs and we have pleasure in placing your photos here.
Please email your photos/news to us using the address on the contacts page.

Meg, Quincy and Coco competed successfully at the Jersey Agility festival 2007
Quincy won 'Agility Dog of the Year (small)'

Rambauds Papillion - Ricaud, is the 'Our Dogs' top winning pyrennean sheepdog puppy 2006/7

Rambauds Quelqu’un Beau - Monty
Hobnob’s Baptiste-Carabrae Rainette – b.30/01/06

Rambauds Papillon – Ricaud
Coup de Vent Dandy-Rambauds Estive – b.27/01/06